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How is it Possible?

Gorbyte's consensus protocol (MARPLE), together with its unique devices registered on the blockchain, make our crypto-network scalable, secure and fast.

Gorbyte's network operation cost is reduced to zero!

Thus Gorbyte can provide no-cost services to its users, instead of rewarding miners or validators.

Gorbyte's MARPLE is distributed and cooperative. It's the most relevant innovation in computer communication since the advent of peer-to-peer networking.

All previous "consensus" protocols (PoW, PoS, PoC, PoET, PoI, PoA, PoD, PAXOS, RAFT, etc.) were leader based: One node assembled the block to be added to the blockchain. The block then had to be broadcast to every other node in the network. Thus the system was difficult to scale.

Gorbyte's MARPLE involves every node. Each node achieves consensus through a recursive process, by cooperating with only a small sets of randomly dispersed nodes (its logical environ). Scalability is achieved because the size of each environ is limited and independent from the size of the network.

In addition, Gorbyte's blockchain-registered devices uniquely identify the parties involved in distributed applications. This allows for further scalability, as these can process and exchange large amounts of data off-the-blockchain. The unique identification of all devices also allows for superconnectivity, as an unlimited number of devices can meet and verify each other by reading their own blockchain replica without executing transactions on the blockchain.

Current crypto-networks, such as Ethereum, rely on smart contracts which run exclusively on-the-blockchain. This approach poses severe limitations on the amount of data and interactions the blockchain can handle.

Gorbyte will provide the Distributed Operating Environment to support the applications of tomorrow.

More about Gorbyte, and White Paper



The Gorbyte Difference

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More about Gorbyte, and White Paper



Our token private sale period will end on 2018/07/15.
Funding for the project is accepted from accredited investors only.
Our public security token ICO dates will be announced shortly.
If interested, please contact us by Email.
Please check again here for news.


Use of Funds to Launch

Use of Funds



More about Gorbyte, and White Paper


Our Team


Giuseppe Gori

Giuseppe Gori
Toronto area, ON, Canada.
 - Gorbyte Founder, Scientist and CEO.

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Mauro Cappa

Mauro Cappa, P.Eng.; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
 - Gorbyte, Director of Engineering.

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Don Sheppard

Don Sheppard, P.Eng.; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
 - Gorbyte, Senior Communications Engineer.

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James Cappa

James Cappa; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
 - Gorbyte, Securities Compliance Officer.

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Amer Husain

Amer Husain, A.C.A.; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
 - Gorbyte, Governance, Risk and Audit Officer.

linkedin link

Suman Das

Suman Das, Former Chief scientist/CTO at UnoCoin 
Toronto, ON, Canada.
 - Lead Developer.

linkedin link

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams, Pefferlaw, ON, Canada.
 - Business Development

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Leon Wai Williams

Leon Wai Williams, Ontario, Canada.
 - Test Network Developer

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Srinival Sampalli

Dr. Srinival Sampalli, C.S. Professor at Dalhousie University Halifax, NS, Canada.
 - Security and reliability advisor.

Giovanni Di Crescenzo

Dr. Giovanni Di Crescenzo, Vencore Labs, Adj. Prof. NYU Politechnic Institute NJ and NY, USA.
 - Security and cryptography advisor.

linkedin link

Craig Borysowich

Craig Borysowich, Senior Consultant at Capco, Toronto, ON, Canada.
 - Cryptocurrency advisor.

linkedin link

Isaac Osiel

Isaac Osiel, CPA, CA
Toronto, ON, Canada.
Former VP Finance, Rogers, cable
 - Busines Advisor.

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Business Associates:

Vithuran Karvannathasan

Vithuran Karvannathasan, Crypto-currency Trader, Toronto, ON, Canada.

linkedin link

Anthony Maraschiello

Anthony Maraschiello, Former Senior Director and GM at Bell Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston, Former Director of Advanced Development, Geac Computers, Toronto area, ON, Canada.

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In addition:

Social Purpose


Social purpose is essential to our business. We personally support the education of children in various developing nations of the world through UNBOUND. UNBOUND education fund

How can Gorbyte Make a Difference in the World?

How can Gorbyte Reduce Global Energy Consumption?

Our marketing strategy is aligned with, and driven by our plan to deliver free wearable devices to the unbanked: More than a billion people who will soon have internet access through low-orbiting satellites.
They will then be able to prove their unique identify and deal with the rest of the world using Gorbyte's no-cost basic financial services.
Another high priority objective is to create a world wide, de-centralized STEM Education fund for children.

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