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Provided by blockchain-registered unique devices

• All devices act as full nodes of the network, keep a blockchain replica and participate in transaction verification.

• Devices provide the user with a hardware wallet and safely manage the user's private keys.

BRUD Devices

• Access to devices is controlled by biometrics, and their hardware is tamper-proof.

• All devices participate in network security to prevent DoS, Sybil and Majority attacks.


Of Gorbyte unique devices

• Gorbyte devices (e.g., the BRDG) are wearable and voice-activated.

• No password or ID to remember; No personal information used.

• Key management is handled for the user.

• Provide unique identification of the user to the world.


Provided by the Gorbyte crypto-network

• No-cost financial transactions.

• World-wide access, guaranteed by its scalable network design.

• Superconnectivity: a bridge to the IoT world.

BRUD Devices

• Access to future blockchain distributed applications (GApps).

What are the benefits?

You will be able to use your Bridge (BRDG) device for:
- Private messaging;
- Voting at elections;
- Financial transactions, and E-commerce;
- Buying/selling assets;
- As a proof of licenses, and proof of ownership;
- As a tamperproof wallet;
- As a no-cost interest bearing savings account;
- To pay for a meal, or buy airline tickets;
- To go through airport check-in and security;
- To access work environments, or entertainment venues;
- To access medical records and emergency information;
and for the many blockchain-based applications of tomorrow.

How can all this be!? Just scroll down to find out...

A New-Gen Blockchain

How is it possible?

New consensus + Unique devices

The use of a distributed consensus protocol (MARPLE), together with its unique devices registered on the blockchain, allow Gorbyte to provide no-cost services to all of its users, in place of rewarding miners or validators.
This makes our crypto-network scalable and efficient.
It also reduces its network maintenance cost to zero!

The MARPLE protocol, developed by Gorbyte, is the most relevant innovation in computer communication since the development of peer-to-peer networking.

In addition, the Gorbyte architecture allows off-loading the blockchain, to support distributed applications requiring large amounts of data, processing power, or special resources.
The ultimate scalability!

Gorbyte will become the Distributed Operating Environment (DOE) for the applications of the future.

Gorbyte will disrupt not only the current crypto-network state of the art, but the way distributed applications are written.

More about Gorbyte, and White Paper


Initial funding for the project is accepted from accredited investors only. If interested, please contact us by Email. 
A public security token ICO is being planned. Check again here for news.

Our Team

Giuseppe Gori

Giuseppe Gori
Toronto area, ON, Canada.
- Gorbyte Founder, Scientist and CEO.

linkedin link    linkedin link

Mauro Cappa

Mauro Cappa, P.Eng.; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
- Gorbyte, Director of Engineering.

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Don Sheppard

Don Sheppard, P.Eng.; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
- Gorbyte, Senior Communications Engineer.

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James Cappa

James Cappa; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
- Gorbyte, Securities Compliance Officer.

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Amer Husain

Amer Husain, A.C.A.; 
Toronto ON, Canada.
- Gorbyte, Governance, Risk and Audit Officer.

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Suman Das

Suman Das, Former Chief scientist/CTO at UnoCoin 
Toronto, ON, Canada.
- Lead Developer.

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Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams, Pefferlaw, ON, Canada.
- Administrative Assistant

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Srinival Sampalli

Dr. Srinival Sampalli, C.S. Professor at Dalhousie University Halifax, NS, Canada.
- Security and reliability advisor.

Giovanni Di Crescenzo

Dr. Giovanni Di Crescenzo, Vencore Labs, Adj. Prof. NYU Politechnic Institute NJ and NY, USA.
- Security and cryptography advisor.

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Isaac Osiel

Isaac Osiel, CPA, CA
Toronto, ON, Canada.
Former VP Finance, Rogers, cable
- Busines Advisor.

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In addition:

Business Associates:

Anthony Maraschiello

Anthony Maraschiello, Former Senior Director and GM at Bell Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston, Former Director of Advanced Development, Geac Computers, Toronto area, ON, Canada.

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Social Purpose

Social purpose is essential to our business. We personally support the education of children in various lower wealth nations of the world through UNBOUND. UNBOUND education fund

How can Gorbyte Make a Difference in the World?

How can Gorbyte Reduce Global Energy Consumption?

One of our objectives is to create a world wide, de-centralized STEM Education fund for children.


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